Something Smells Fishy



In her letter to the Roundup sometime ago regarding Harold Fish's shooting of Grant Kuenzli, Round Valley's Shirley Reeves on the one hand portrayed Fish as a fraidy cat, a girlie-man and a cringing coward who should not have ventured into the forest alone if he was afraid of "tree shadows."

On the other hand, she suggested that Fish was a cold-blooded, cool-as-a-cucumber marksman and an assassin who calmly pumped three slugs into virtually the same hole in Kuenzli. It would appear that Ms. Reeves has no problem holding diametrical opinions.

Ms. Reeves stated that firearms are not allowed in national forests except for hunting. A Forest Service representative told me that taking weapons into national forests for other purposes such as target shooting is not prohibited.

He also said that it is probably quite prudent to be armed for personal protection in some areas of the forest considering the levels of crime and violence in today's society.

Both Ms. Reeves and John Panley Sr. expressed faith that our criminal justice system will work as it should for both Mr. Fish, and society, in this situation, and that justice will be served. Based up on some of the seemingly incredible jury decisions reported over the past few months, I personally have very little faith in American juries. Accordingly, if I were in Fish's situation, I believe that I would strongly consider waiving my right to a jury trial and letting the judge decide my fate.

Otis Trimble, Payson

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