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Q: With all the rain we've received, how is this affecting the water levels for town wells and the aquifer?

A: It's just too early to tell exactly how much the area's aquifers have benefitted from recent rains, according to Town Hydrologist Mike Ploughe.

"I like to see where we are at the end of the recharge season, right about the end of March, before I really want to say exactly where it's at," Ploughe said. "I want every last drop of water to get in there."

The water department issues a water status report in April based on the readings taken in March and on other information collected during the preceding 12 months. What could really have a positive impact on that report, according to Ploughe, is some serious snow.

"You get lots and lots of runoff when you have this kind of rainfall," he said. "The ground can only take in so much at a time, so that's why the snows are so important to us -- because they melt slowly and percolate into the ground a little bit slower, more equal to what the ground can actually take up than what happens when it rains like it's been."

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