Gun Control Is Bad For Crime



Let's all learn a lesson from the experience of the citizens of Washington, D.C.

Handgun registrations were frozen in 1977. That was the start. Eventually, even law-abiding citizens could not have a handgun in their home, vehicle or business; long guns had to be kept unloaded and locked (which rendered them useless for personal protection). The Second Amendment to the Constitution was completely trashed.

The crime rate rose 72 percent since 1977, while the national rate fell 36 percent. The crime rate has risen in every country that enacted gun control. The crime rate is lowest in Switzerland where they have a militia, and citizens can even have machine guns, mortars and automatic firing weapons in their homes.

Gun control leads to a police state. The definition of a police state is one where only the police have guns. The U.S. and the New World Order are moving us swiftly toward their goal. They have disarmed most white (Caucasian) nations. Australia is the latest victim.

Our industrial-manufacturing complex is nearly destroyed. We are dependent upon the Asian nations for most of our armaments, vehicles and vehicle parts and industrial products. We are dependent on the third world nations for most of our food and petroleum. Our wealth is fast fleeing away.

Because of our sins, God is allowing this. He warned that the stranger would rise above us if we didn't keep His commandments and love Him above everything and everybody.

Our armies are stationed in more than 60 countries, while our own borders are unprotected. Our national debt is $10-20 trillion (no one really knows for sure). Our dollar is fast losing value. When I lived in Brazil, I experienced 500 percent inflation in five years. It can happen here.

Russ Krueger, Goodyear

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