Homeowners Dissent: Too Little, Too Late



An open letter to the members of the Alpine Heights Homeowners Association:

Alpine Heights residents are fortunate that they have always had a homeowners association with a strong desire to maintain their property values.

Only every five years can the association amend the covenants, conditions and restrictions. The current proposed revision was obtained through the work of a volunteer committee and the board of directors to determine their effectiveness, their appropriateness to changing conditions, and their consistency to new state regulations through the advice of an attorney.

After many meetings, which were open to the members of the association, a copy of the revised covenants, conditions and restrictions were mailed to all property owners asking for a "Yes" or "No" vote on the revisions and to make comments.

Unfortunately, we have a small group of dissenters who went door-to-door referring to the board members in derogatory terms, inferring things that are not true and generally disrupting a procedure that is fair and democratic. Where were these people when they could have had a constructive input during the formulation stage? Have they served their community as board members? What service have they rendered?

Both my husband and I have served two years as board members and officers. From personal experience, we know that it is time-consuming, hard work. The current board should be commended, not reviled by the few name-calling, inactive residents who tend to oppose any changes and who would seemingly prefer to dismantle the association that serves us.

Please support your board, attend meetings, get involved at the appropriate time.

To those who would demean and harass the board, I say, "Shame on you."

Carol J. Scholz, Former Treasurer, AHHOA, Payson

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