Sanctity Of Marriage Is About Hate



Now we know the truth.

Just as I thought, all that about saving the sanctity of marriage was a smoke screen. Now the truth comes out.

Republican Reps. Mark Anderson and Warde Nichols said their proposal for a constitutional amendment banning gay marriages in Arizona would outlaw all government-sponsored benefits to domestic partners! (Article from The Arizona Republic)

It is all about hate. It is a mean-spirited way to take away health insurance, pensions and other benefits. They have just shown that their interest has nothing to do with the sanctity of marriage or values, they just hate homosexuals and are trying to rally the "Christian right wing" into passing this amendment and taking away homosexual American citizens' rights to pursue a happy and fulfilling life.

Real Christians are loving and caring people, they do not wish harm to come to others regardless of who or what they are. Christ said love your neighbor, he did not say that your neighbors must think, believe or be like you.

It is my hope that before voting on this issue people inform themselves of the real intent. Never in our history have we taken rights away from any citizen.

Amendments have been passed to clarify those rights, not to take them away.

It is about time the United States of America woke up and really separated church and state, as many other countries have done. Make civil unions the only legal process and the blessings of the church, if you so desire, come after.

By the way, if you are against homosexual marriages, Arizona already defines marriage (as being) between a man an a woman. An amendment to the Constitution is not needed.

Teresa Baldwin, Payson

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