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Re: Namesake serving in Iraq

G'day, I was just reading your story in the Payson Roundup, after doing a Google search on my name, and found out my namesake is serving in Iraq somewhere. So, I thought I'd say "hi," and that I was very proud to see that story. I'm from a town in Victoria Australia called Whittlesea, so I reckon I'm the only bloke in this state who has read the Payson Roundup. Best wishes to you all for the New Year and God bless all the troops over there.

Re: Your Jan. 11 Credit for Kids editorial

I was pleased to see the strong support our community provided for the Credit for Kids tax credit program. It's good to know so many people and businesses want to improve education in Arizona. I only wish our legislators would get a clue. We are still a state that is cheating our children when it comes to education funding.

Editor's note: Arizona ranks 49th out of all 50 states in education funding.

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