Council Is Pet Lover's Dirty Dog



I was truly saddened by the town council's decision to allow the Payson Humane Society to be cited for barking dogs.ere is an organization that takes in stray, abused and abandoned animals and cares for them until homes can be found for them.

The humane society is a totally selfless group of people, an organization that runs largely on donations. They pleasure in seeing dogs healthy, happy, safe and placed in good homes.ll dogs bark, especially when around other dogs.

I understand the reasoning to cite individual homes who do not consider their neighbors but the humane society?

The council needs to rethink this decision. If we did not have the humane society, then we could have more dogs running around, some sick and others dangerous, and then more people would be complaining.

They not only help the dogs, but also our community.As a dog lover myself, I feel we need to rally around the humane society and ask the council to exempt them.

Cody Turner, Payson

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