Another Black Eye For Our Town Council



Regarding your story of the town council's approval of a letter assuring them that the town will accept water from a well in Star Valley so that Terra-Payson 40 L.L.C. can develop a 37-acre property behind Payson Town Hall and Rim Country Mall.

Shame, shame, shame on you town council people. You are our elected representatives, and your ethics are sadly lacking. First, it's banning barking dogs at the humane society, and now this debacle.

I would like to know your relationship with G. Michael Horton, the owner of Terra-Payson 40. He is an elected member of the Payson school board, so he is not new to the town or local politics.

I am told by the town manager that G. Michael Horton is the first developer to try to get around the town's ordinance by proposing to take water from Star Valley to develop his property in town.

I am also told that there are now four developers buying property in Star Valley to do the same thing as Mr. Horton.

The town manager said that there is nothing legally to stop G. Michael Horton from doing what he is doing. Legality and ethics, Ms. Mayor and your council: can you really tell you children that this is the right thing to do?

If the town accepts this well water from Terra-Payson 40, how is it going to be measured as to providing the needs for this single development?

Is the developer's water going to go through our publicly-owned system for the exclusive development of their property?

Is the well water going to be moved up Highway 260 and fed into the Payson system without treatment? How is it to be separated and treated from the Payson water, and who is going to pay for the purification?

Finally, if you continue to allow developers to bypass your ordinance in this fashion, what is going to happen to the 2,500 residents in Star Valley when their water supplies are on empty?

If the town council persists in its approval of such unethical deals, perhaps we should look to replace them with people with hearts and sound thinking in their heads.

Derek Pratt, Star Valley

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