Pawn Shop Has A Little Of Everything


High Country Pawn & Furniture has just about everything, including the kitchen sink -- in fact, there are currently two kitchen sinks in the shop's inventory.

Cousins Al Bolin and James Bolin opened the shop Dec. 1 at the old mini-golf and arcade next to the 260 Cafe.

The family has been in the business of pawn, buying, selling and auctions for more than 17 years. Al is a licensed auctioneer and has been since 1991.

"I have sold millions and millions of items," he said.

They are planning a consignment auction, and are encouraging people to bring items in for it. The auction will be Feb. 19-20 at a site to be announced.

The shop, at 805 E. Highway 260, Payson, has an impressive array of goods. Among the inventory: a $90,000 sculpture, antique farm equipment, new and used hunting and fishing equipment, electronics, tools and furniture. About 70 percent of the merchandise in the shop is actually new, something their holiday customers appreciated.

"It is unusual for a pawn shop to carry furniture," James said.

Al has worked with furniture manufacturers for years, doing auctions for them and that has made it possible for High Country to offer exceptionally good prices on the furniture it carries.


Al Bolin, owner, Stacy Bolin, manager, and James Bolin, owner, invited Rim country residents to visit High Country Pawn & Furniture, 805 E. Highway 260, just east of the 260 Cafe and across the highway from Granny's Attic and Fletcher's. The store is open every day and if you can't find what you are looking for on the floor, the Bolins can find it for you.

"Our furniture prices are a lot less because I auction for the manufacturers and factories and get to buy anything I want 60 percent off wholesale," Al said. "Even if I doubled the price I paid, we're still selling it 20 percent less than it costs any other furniture store."

The connection also gives the shop access to millions of dollars worth of furniture.

The shop is managed by Stacy Bolin, another relative, who said they opened the business because it lets them help people.

"All loans are good for 90 days for a small fee and customers' belongings are not lost," Al said.

The Bolins want the shop to become a place where people can come and socialize and feel at home. They will be putting up a trophy board for hunters and fishermen to display photos of their triumphs.

Sometime in late March or early April, the shop will bring a large selection of firearms. The Bolins also are especially interested in antique fishing tackle. They have some in the shop, but are interested in buying more.

They will also purchase entire estates, big or small. It can be brought into the shop, or they will come to it.

Prices are posted on the merchandise, but the cost is negotiable, Stacy said. If a customer can't find exactly what they are looking for, the Bolins can either find it for them or make recommendations about other sources.

"We will work with you," Al said. They will even help customers sell goods on eBay for a small fee.

"If you're looking for hard-to-find stuff, this is the place to come," James said.

High Country Pawn & Furniture is open from 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday through Saturday and from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Sunday.

For more information, call (928) 474-2763.

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