Rooftop Camper Raising Funds For Local Woman



As you drive through Christopher Creek, it is starting to look a little different. The property across from the Christopher Creek Lodge is changing. Trees are coming out by the ton.

The place Gertrude Kuntz lived for more than 30 years is gone. As I walked down the road, I stood were Gertrude had her garden, remembering all the times she helped me dig up her daisies for transplanting.


The face of Christopher Creek is changing as developers of Creekside Mountain Homes begin clearing property on the north side of Highway 260 for vacation rental home sites.

It's always a weird feeling when things change after so many years. The first phase of Creekside Mountain Homes, which will no doubt change the face of Christopher Creek, will be on this piece of property.

Over the next couple of years, the developers will be building new homes and a very large lodging facility with tennis courts and a pool. Residents think it will make Christopher Creek even more of a destination point.

The Landmark Restaurant and Bar will be having a benefit for Shelly Hanson to help with expenses after her surgery. Starting on Monday Feb. 7, Kevin Mystrom, the owner of the Landmark, will be moving up on the roof of the building. He will be taking pledges in any amount for every hour he is up there.

Kevin took the roof experience from Bob Cowell, an old resident who used to get up on the roof at Creekside and camp out for days to raise money for multiple sclerosis. The only time he came down was to go to the bathroom. His food and drink were raised to him by a bucket on a rope. He also used the bucket for donations.

There also will be a rummage sale, and an auction or raffle on Saturday, Feb. 12. Donate any of your unused items for this good cause. All proceeds will go to Shelly.

The evening of Feb. 12, John Marksburry will donate his time to play music. Rod Britain has donated his old car for smashing and they will sell tickets if you want to let out your frustrations. Red Armistead offered to haul it away for free when they are done.

If you have anything to donate or if you want to help out in any way call Liana at the Landmark (928) 478-4472. They can use your help and your donations.

Get your cookie sheets and pie tins ready to help Shelly. There will be a Bake Sale from 9 a.m. to whenever, Saturday, Feb. 12 at the Landmark.If you can help out or bake something call me at (928) 478-4519.

Come out and get involved -- it is for a very good cause.

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