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Q: Can Rim Country Health, formerly Manzanita Manor, provide extended care following a surgery or hospital visit? What about patients' rights?

A: Harvey Pelovsky, administrator of Rim Country Health & Retirement Community, said his facility is one of the few places in northern Arizona that has a full campus of rehabilitation and health services.

"We have the ability to help people rehab after a stay in the hospital," Pelovsky said.

Extended care is determined by consulting with the patient, the patient's family and doctor, and a social worker. Pelovsky added that a patient's decision to opt for extended care is voluntary, and residents have the right to refuse treatment.

Q: What's the deal with water in the gasoline?

A: Bob Kragerud, Chapman Auto's service manager, said five water gets into gasoline most commonly from a water-contaminated load of fuel or from condensation caused by low fuel levels in the station's storage tanks or in the automobile's fuel tank, said Kragerud. To avoid condensation, Kragerud recommended keeping some gas in your tank at all times, especially in winter.

If you fill'er up with a bad tank of gas, Kragerud suggested resolving the issue with the service station first.

If the problem persists or you suspect fraud, contact the Arizona Weights and Measures at (800) 277-6675 or visit their website: http://azdwm.gov.

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