Woman Injured Attempting U-Turn On Highway 260


A Valley woman suffered severe head injuries after her truck collided with another truck, closing Highway 260 Tuesday afternoon, police said.

The woman, whose name is not being release pending investigation, was flown by Native Air to Maricopa County Medical Center where she is being treated for head trauma.


Emergency crews from Diamond Star Fire Department treat an injured woman after her rental truck was hit by a semi on Highway 260 near Little Green Valley Tuesday.

The accident occurred at 4:30 p.m. when two commercial trucks collided on Highway 260 near Little Green Valley.

Department of Public Safety Officer Tiffany Harold said a Budget truck driven by the woman was sideswiped by a Swift semi-truck.

"The Budget truck was eastbound and had pulled off to the side of the road and the driver was attempting to make a U-turn in the highway," Harold said. "The Swift truck was coming along behind it and couldn't get stopped in time and collided with the Budget truck.""

The Swift truck driver, whose name is also not being released, suffered no injuries, and citations may be issued after DPS finishes investigating the accident, Harold said.

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