Give Up The Bone



Am I to believe that the town council's rewording of the dog barking ordinance was to simplify and facilitate enforcement? I am about as convinced as I am of the statement, "Officers must sit and dog watch for a continuous hour."

What I am certain of is the hole the council continues to dig, when it's obvious they have a bone to pick with the humane society. How this issue developed from a noise problem in a community where twin engine Cessnas are fired up in driveways to the reconstruction of the "dog yapping -- poop patrolling -- dog on mission with master" ordinance is ludicrous.

Will this town council ever get beyond their sophomoric agenda and address what this town needs?

As I see it, I have the following responsibilities: a) owning up to my own actions, b) the care and behavior of my animals, c) the care and assistance of my elders, and d) providing the finest opportunities a child could ever need.

With this said, I question the council's priorities.

How a convention center ballroom, with an old-town theme, be a priority over a youth activities center, and a first-class senior center with all the amenities, is an example of the "sawdust for brains" council mentality.

In addition, I'm certain we'd all be delighted to have a new office, but I for one have become quite fond of parking it on a milk crate. After all, I have chosen to reside in a rural area, which comes attached to the rural wage scale.

I would give up the executive's leather chair for eternity if, in exchange, the assurance that our children and the elderly were properly provided for.

Must the town council be reminded that these specific priorities have companions, cherished pets acquired quite often, from our local humane society?

Isn't it time for the town council to give up the bone and assist in finding a suitable, workable site, for the humane society?

When commanding my dog to give up a bone, I firmly state, "Drop, back off," and always conclude with a simple "thank-you."

I find the "Benji" statement accurate, but I believe I may have come up with a better one yet. Here goes... "After all, a budget that provides a senior center cat food instead of tuna, doesn't make our town council animal lovers."

Katherine Bennett, Tonto Village

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