Hands Off Star Valley Water



As a resident of Payson, and a business owner in Star Valley, I am alarmed by the proposed acquisition of water wells in Star Valley. Why is the Payson Town Council issuing a letter of assurance that water from a well site in Star Valley will be accepted for "development of a 37-acre parcel" and "other properties within town limits." As a Payson resident I wonder why "new" water isn't going towards alleviating "old" water problems.

We are constantly made aware that water is in short supply. New water should be used to correct existing problems, not to ensure profits for "new developments."

How nice would it be to know we had a reserve of water, not a shortage. Conversely, it is our opinion that taking water from Star Valley will affect existing wells. I would like to believe that new wells won't affect us, I'd also like to believe in the Santa Claus.

However, reality tells me that it is equally possible that the water taken from a greater depth will only mean that my water table will drop. To the best of my knowledge, water soaks or drains "down." I have to ask myself, do I really think that Payson will shut down a new development when (and if) they find that the wells in Star Valley are drying up?

The Roundup article on Jan. 7, clearly states that the city is "not going to do anything that is against Star Valley (residents)."

Taking a precious commodity such as water is definitely "against" us. I also find it interesting that several years ago, our business met with Mr. Buzz Walker regarding water issues in general. At that time he assured us that Payson was not interested in Star Valley water if for no other reason than the fact that Star Valley is served by "septic systems," and they didn't want water taken from below a "septic system" community. As of today's date, we are still on septic systems here with a near zero likelihood of that changing. Why now does our water look so good?

Greg Mulligan, Payson

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