What's Up?


Q: Why does the high school not have waterless toilets? All businesses are supposed to have them.

A: Scott Scratton, town of Payson water resource technician, said all schools, including Payson High School, serviced by Payson's water department are in the process of retrofitting urinals, toilets and faucets. Town resolution called for all commercial entities to replace their old fixtures with water-saving fixtures by Jan. 1, 2005. The town also is offering waterless urinals at reduced prices for commercial customers. For more information, call (928) 474-5242, ext. 380.

Q: How can you continually do the Best of Payson when rule No. 4, which states, "Ballots should not be distributed by businesses or friends to solicit votes," cannot be enforced?

A: "The Best of Payson" is not a scientific poll; it's meant to be fun for our readers while highlighting some of the best services and activities Payson has to offer. We do our best, however, to monitor the ballots so that they reflect our readers' opinions. The Roundup tries to keep the poll as fair as possible by verifying names, addresses and phone numbers, and allowing only two ballots per household. All ballots must be at least 50 percent complete, which discourages people from ballot-stuffing.

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