Aggressive Dog, Careless Owner Vex Neighbors



Irresponsible dog owners obstruct life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. It's a very basic right to be able to walk down a public street free of fear and harassment.

North Matterhorn is a pleasant street to walk on but not for the last month or so. It has become uncomfortable and potentially dangerous to walk there.

It is even hard for the street's neighbors to get their mail.

In the middle of the street, there is a young couple who own a female boxer that recently gave birth to some pups. She is very aggressive and has, with the knowledge and at times presence, of the owners, repeatedly harassed passersby on the street and in the neighborhood green belt.

The dog barks aggressively from several feet away from the innocent pedestrians. It has gone after at least one child and a number of older people.

One poor lady was simply returning to her home with her mail and the dog threatened her on her own property which is next to the dog owner's home.

On one occasion, the dog was so near, and so aggressive, to an older man, that the young woman owner who was watching the scene making comments like "Don't raise your hand to her," and "She would never bite," finally had to tackle her dog because she was at the very point of biting.

A boxer, by the way, is fully capable of crushing a bone.

The older man in question is not an animal trainer, but just a man walking from his daughter's house where he works to his home for lunch. He was already past the dog owner's house when the dog rushed out to attack him.

His grandson used to be able to walk through the green belt to visit him and the child's grandmother, but not anymore. People in the neighborhood used to be able to get their mail in a relaxed manner and greet one another, but not anymore.

The police have warned the dog owners, and they will be fined if the dog is free again. That's fine, but does little to avoid the present danger if the dog does get out again. The pit bull owners in Show Low had been warned also.

Nevertheless, that dog did get out again and tragically killed a 7-year-old girl next door. The owners are in jail, but that doesn't bring a wonderful child back to life.

Perhaps if the Roundup had a running section of complaints about irresponsible dog owners some of them would feel obligated to control their dogs, or take them to live where they don't obstruct their neighbors' rights to walk in the street or green belt, and to get their mail and say hello to one another.

Ken Cohen, Payson

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