Black Hero Has A Tainted Past



Evidently the person who wrote the letter about Martin Luther King, Jr. knew nothing about his early life.

He was greatly involved with the Communist party, and there were several pictures taken of him with his arms on their shoulders during their discussions.

In one of these photos, he stated "I will be one of the top leaders of this country when the Communists overthrow the American government."

Martin Luther King was under investigation by the FBI for several years because of his continuing violent acts against our government.

Later in life, he changed his tactics to having hundreds of people march down main highways and block traffic for miles. I was caught in such a march and they refused to allow me through.

I was required to back up a long distance until I could find a road that could take me around the marchers. I was able to read the FBI report issued at that time.

The federal government then issued an order to remove the report from public files and, to this day, even with the Freedom of Information Act, you cannot obtain this information.

C. F. Reish, Payson

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