Online Education Makes Dream Come True


When Debby Rusovick applied for advanced training at work, upper management told her they preferred someone with a bachelor's degree.

"Being a person that does not like to be told I can't do something I really want to do, I decided to go to school and earn that degree," Rusovick said.


After earning her degree, Debby Rusovick believes online distance-learning is the right solution for many working adults.

With all that society demands from a working mom, Rusovick decided to research schools that offered online distance-learning programs.

"Next, I had to choose the degree I wanted to earn. I chose to enroll at Saint Leo University in Florida because they were a well-established, accredited college," Rusovick said.

The next step was to fill out a Free Application for Federal Student Aid, or FAFSA. Once processed, Rusovick was ready to enroll and begin online classes.

Three-and-a-half years later, Rusovick has earned her bachelor's degree in Business Administration with a management concentration. She is now working toward a master's degree.

"Nobody can ever have too much education, and the higher degree you earn, the higher pay you can expect to earn," Rusovick said.

Rusovick believes the online programs are the right solution for many working moms and adults who didn't have the chance to earn a degree earlier in life.

"There were quite a few working moms in my classes, employees from all types of businesses, and several military students," Rusovick said.

"The plus side about taking the classes online is that there is no driving involved. You can do your schoolwork in the privacy of your own home, and you can even take classes in your pajamas if you want to. The books are delivered to your home and the lectures and study guides are included. Each class has an assigned time to meet in a virtual classroom to communicate with the teacher and other students to ask questions and get information that will help with that week's work.

"There is also a link provided to email the teacher and other students in the class. And there is a link that provides the complete syllabus, which explains the learning objectives, assignments, and test schedules. The tests are also taken online and are timed tests. Most of the time they're multiple choice or true/false, but sometimes essays are required. There are also term papers required for many of the classes, which really makes for some interesting research."

Rusovick is looking forward to the commencement exercises, which will be held in Florida on May 7.

"My husband and my parents are planning to accompany me to the events," said Rusovick.

For Rusovick, the degree only represents part of what she learned over the past three-and-a-half years.

"One of the things I found out is that anyone can be successful as long as they have the desire to learn and work hard. There were a few times that I thought I would never make it this far, but with the support of my teachers, family and friends, I did not quit.

"If I had known earlier in my life that earning a degree would be so rewarding, I would have worked on it sooner. Not only will the degree open doors to more employment opportunities, but also the sense of achievement is something that feels great."

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