Rent Movies To Stave Off Winter Doldrums



You can tell that this is not the height of the tourist season. I am getting almost no information about events in and around Pine and Strawberry.

As it warms up, there will be more news to report. It is raining as I write this column on Wednesday. The wildflowers should be beautiful this spring, and our trees and plants should be in pretty good health.

Becky Waer at the Pine library just informed me that they now have the full series, all 11, of the Lemony Snicket books. They also have the audio series. The kids love these books. What a great way to get them reading.

Although there is not a whole lot going on right now, the shops are open and will be eager to see you. They are well-supplied with gifts for birthdays, hostess gifts or for any occasion, maybe even a gift for you to keep for yourself. We have a wonderful selection of shops. Do make the rounds.

For these cold winter nights, did you know there are movie rental places close by? Ponderosa Plumbing and Video on Hardscrabble Road has a huge selection. Ponderosa Market in Pine, and Strawberry Market also rent movies.

Pine library has a great selection of movies and, although they are not the most recent releases, they are free. They have many of the classics. You can check out six per family and keep them for seven days. What a deal.

We have lost some businesses that added much to our feeling of community. Pine Artisans and Cyd's had events regularly which were great fun and gave us a wonderful reason to dress up a little and visit with friends and become more acquainted with neighbors.

Somehow, we need to find a way to keep that tradition alive. Any ideas?

This is your last opportunity to get in your submission for Take Pride's Volunteer of the Year award. Get your nominations in the mail by Monday. Mail your nomination to Take Pride, P.O. Box 1204, Pine, 85544.

Friendship luncheon

Do call to make your reservation for the Rim Country Kiwanis February Friendship Luncheon at noon Tuesday, Feb. 1. They want to inform you of all their fun activities and events. They do so much to help the kids and our communities. This is a great way to get involved in the New Year. Call Becky Waer, (928) 476-3678, to reserve your space. There is no charge for guests.
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