Villagers Celebrate The ‘Love Month'



The month of January 2005 is history. It is time to look forward to the "love month" -- the color red, flowers, candy, Cupid and his arrows, and celebrating St. Valentine's Day. And don't forget that the anniversary of our great state of Arizona is Feb. 14. On that day, Arizona officially became a part of the United States Two of our greatest presidents also were born in the month of February -- one the founder of our country, George Washington, and the other, the Great Emancipator, Abraham Lincoln.

The Dominoes Ladies group will not be left out of celebrating the month of February. On Wednesday, Feb. 16, the gals are to bring any kind of dish made with Jello. Let your imagination go, and create a new dish.

Since the group will meet shortly after St. Valentine's Day, all gals are asked to make a mailbox and fill it with Valentines cards for everyone. How about wearing something red or pink too? The day promises to be a memorable one.

The gals meet at the Tonto Village Chapel community room at 1 p.m.

Prescribed burns

A word from the U.S. Forest Service information officer: there will be prescribed burns that will be going on all this week, and possibly into next week, depending on the weather conditions. The areas involved will be in the 405 and 405A forest roads, Bear Flat, the Washington Park area, including the upper East Verde, and the Bray Creek and Geronimo areas. The sky in these areas may seem a bit smoky for a while.

Pool results

I hope everyone in Tonto Village and the surrounding area read the fantastic article written by Roundup reporter Felicia Megdal about the Tuesday night ladies' pool team. Felicia wrote very descriptively about our area and the pool players.

Thank you from all the ladies, Felicia, for a job well done.

Harvey Poyner, Ethel Cain and Bo Douglas competed on the green felt, to come in first, second and third places this past Sunday afternoon. Congratulations to the winners.

Birthdays, etc.

Phyllis Mullen, our local real estate agent and pool player extraordinaire, will add another candle to her birthday cake Feb. 2.

Lorraine "Bo" Mathews celebrates her big day Feb. 5. Lorraine is also a good pool player, and wins very often.

Kara Shaw, another of the really good pool players, will celebrate her big day Feb. 11.

Do I see a pattern here? All three of these gals are good pool players, and also are born in February. Hmmmmm.

Tonto Village Fire District

Good news for the residents of the fire district: Chief J.R. Alliger has announced that the lot purchased a few years ago by the district is now paid off a year early.

He also would like to remind everyone that the chipper/shredder is still available to shred up tree limbs and your Christmas tree. The chipper/shredder is located on the back lot of the fire station.

The board meeting will be Feb. 12 at the fire station. The meeting is open to the public.

There will be wildland classes starting in March. Call the station at (928) 478-4875 if you are interested in taking any of the classes.

Bear Flat

Everything is quiet in Bear Flat and Thompson Draw I if the creek don't rise, literally.

Dara Sutton is keeping her fingers crossed with the coming rain, that the creek doesn't rise more than 12 inches. If it does, the creek becomes impassable.

Dara happens to be an avid bird watcher and in the past week or so, she has noticed a new bird in the area. She found out that the bird is a pine siskin, a bird about the size of a finch, with yellow markings on its wings.

She discovered that the birds usually come around in flocks of 50 to 100 and seem to be almost tame.

She had one land on a makeshift perch and the bird even let her pet it.

Dara usually puts out bird feed in her yard, and since she has been putting out pet thistle feed, the siskin have been frequent visitors to her yard.

Is there anyone who knows anything about this bird? Call me at (928) 478-4575, and I will pass the information on to Dara.

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