Hashknife Ride Inspires Jre Language Class


Julia Randall Elementary School teacher Trina Gunzel is using the Hashknife Pony Express riders as a tool to teach her English Language Learner students.

In the study unit she's now teaching, Gunzel has written a song the students are learning and will sing Wednesday when the Pony Express arrives at Payson Post Office.

"I wrote the song after (some express riders) came to our school assembly," Gunzel said. " I selected facts from the Pony Express letter for it."

She said she also is inviting others to be at the post office when the Pony Express arrives to help the children sing the song.

"We would love to have them join us," she said.

For most of her students -- who are still learning to speak English --eing a part of the Pony Express experience will be unusual.

"This is the first time they have had anything like this happen to them," Gunzel said.

For those who'd like to join the class in singing, the song is:

Hashknife Pony Express Song (to the tune of "Old Mac Donald")

by Trina Gunzel, Julia Randall Elementary School teacher

In January of 1958,

The Pony Express began.

Yippee, caya, oh!

The riders are official

Mail messengers.

Yippee, caya, oh!

They pass the mail at one

Mile intervals.

Yippee, caya, oh!

All the way from Holbrook

To Scottsdale.

Yippee, caya, oh!

With a clop, clop, here.

And a clop, clop, there.

Here a clop,

There a clop,

Everywhere a clop, clop.

There go the Pony Express riders...


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