Recognizing The Slippery Slope



As a native New Yorker living in New York and wondering what's going on in all those "red" states, it's nice to read (Jerry Thebado's) editorial (Jan. 28) and see that common sense still prevails in the shadows.

I would remind your readers that another Supreme Court ruling, "Atwater v. City of Lago Vista, Texas" already allows police to perform a full custodial arrest for any infraction -- even those involving no jail time.

The Constitution is just a sheet of paper unless our institutions are willing to uphold its principles.

Packing the Supreme Court with conservatives is akin to embracing a police state. And while conservatives may yet get a ban on abortion and an end to flag-burning and the teachings of Darwinism, they will also lose all their remaining civil liberties in the process.

The only real difference between my blue state and your red is that we New Yorkers recognize a slippery slope when we see one.

Scott Edward Skinner, Westchester, N.Y.

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