Hospice Is About Living



There is nothing so wonderful as a dream come true. But behind the dream there have to be dream makers. Wednesday June 29 at Rumsey Park a ceremony was held to honor some of these dream makers.

Hospice House is that dream come true. It was my privilege to be among those so honored. However, since I was out of state at the time of the dedication of Hospice House and had not seen the finished facility, Mrs.Vickie Dietz, vice president of RTA Hospice & Palliative Care graciously volunteered to give me a tour the next day.

What a thrill. I met most of the wonderful staff and marveled at the beautiful surroundings. I would be remiss in not singling out individuals such as Vickie who have really gone the extra mile. Two more such women are Kathleen Hughes and Judy Baker, who but for their unbelievable energies and exceptional talents, this dream would never have come to life.

There is no way to tell the whole story. So much time, effort, hard physical labor, differing ideas, laughter, tears, even a little temper thrown in for spice and with an immense amount of support both monetary and emotional from the community the dream became a reality.

Too often people associate the word hospice with death and dying. It's not. It's about living the best you can with the time God gives you, surrounded by caring, loving support both emotional and medical. Payson is blessed with a community that gives, and gives it support to so many causes. Bless them all.

Shirley Snyder


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