Let Freedom Ring



It is true that the majority rules in our great country, but it is not the American way to use power to squash discussion. The mayor and council members were elected to represent us. Listen to all sides of an issue, and make informed decisions.

That is not what appeared to happen at the special meeting, Tuesday, June 25. It appeared that some council members are afraid to let the public hear pertinent information. It would have been prudent to listen to all concerns, then decide if the information had validity and then vote your consciences. As of now, it appears to the public that some council members didn't want them to know all the information available.

Past budget meetings referring to the topic of town employee salaries gave the reason to increase salaries as bringing our town employees up to equivalent wages of other towns our size. This allows the town to keep and attract good employees, but there is a difference between administrative and non-administrative positions.

It is my understanding, however, that the administrative positions used as comparison are not for like administrative positions for a town the size of Payson. It appears you are comparing apples to cumquats.

It is true that council made a promise last year to try to adjust employee salaries. But if promises are based on skewed information, it is only fair to adjust what is promised.

Can the town afford to make this commitment, and is it justified? Where are these funds coming from in future years? Will other needed projects suffer?

The issue is that we will never know what the concerns the public or members of council had because there was no appropriate discussion allowed.

Where is Robert's Rules of Order in running a meeting if discussion is not permitted?

We celebrate this week the Fourth of July, Independence Day.

We became independent because England was not listening to their subjects' concerns. Council members, think about this as you celebrate Independence Day.

James Garner


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