Rim Country Residents Ripped Off



Seniors, heads up!

Because I enjoyed taking several substantive classes at the Gila Community College over the last couple of years, and had paid for them, I became interested in all the hullabaloo that has been going on at the college lately and decided to go to some of the board meetings.

Among a bunch of interesting things I learned, there is one that I'd like to share with my fellow seniors.

For those of you who were welcoming the return to Eastern Arizona College because you got to take classes for free as a senior, it might interest you to know that your classes were not "free" but were charged to Gila County.

And, for those of you who never took any classes at Gila Community College, never paid any attention to the college, or cared much about what happened there, you might be interested to know that you paid for those "free" classes through your taxes.

And will again, because all taxes for our college, as well as the control over how they are spent, has been ceded back to EAC by some of your "representatives" on the governing board.

Just thought I'd share that little tidbit. There is considerably more going on and you are being ripped off in several other ways as well. If you're not outraged, you're not paying attention.

Marilyn R. Decker


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