The 'Blues' Are Back This Weekend



Don't pass up a chance to catch the blues this weekend.


Common Ground Blues is part of the Concert Under the Stars series. The group will present an evening of jazz and rhythm, as well as blues, from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m., Saturday, July 9 at the Green Valley Park amphitheater.

The blues are returning to the Rim country with another Concert Under the Stars with Common Ground Blues band at 7 p.m., Saturday, July 9 in the Green Valley Park amphitheater.

The group rocked the Rim country last summer with a performance in June.

"We had a really good response for them last year," said Tonia Erin, coordinator of the concert series for the Payson Parks and Recreation Department. "They did a really good job for us, so we're bringing them back."

At their 2004 concert, the band drew an enthusiastic crowd, wrapping all ages up in its terrific and varied sounds. Even Rim residents taking a stroll around the park seemed to step to their blues beat.

While the blues is the band's primary stock in trade, the group can pull out the stops and put on some hot jazz and cool rhythm too.

The five-man band includes Glen Farkash, Pierre "Lance" Fuqua, Ted Greenbaum, Timothy Kinsey and Brian Eddie Masherella.

Glen Farkash provides lead vocals for CG Blues. He sings from his heart and anyone that is near by is pulled into the energy of his performance. Heas awardeda scholarship for music performance in 1980 and has been performing on stages in Arizona since 1987. Music for Farkash is a verypersonal thing, the current expression of which, since 1998, has been and continues to be, CG Blues.

However, he does have a life away from music. In 1999 he earned an undergraduate degree in the healing arts.

Pierre "Lance" Fuqua is the band's drum man and the newest member of CGB. But he is not new to the Valley of the Sun music scene. Fuqua has played with many great musicians and groups along the way. Formerly of"Small Paul and Driving Wheel," Fuqua brings experience and style to CG Blues.

"Totally Ted" Greenbaum is on CGB's keyboards. Greenbaum is one ofCGB'sfavorite sons. He adds touches ofazz and blues to give CGB tons oflavor, and enough color to fill any artist's pallet.reenbaum is a returning member of the band and the rest of the group could not be happier to see him behind the keys after almost two years away.

Timothy Kinsey plays bass guitar for CGB.The Road Warrior," Kinsey has played for many years. He has managed to play for 15 of them without need of otherwise gainful employment. A veteran of many bands, and many miles. He can give a song whatever it needs -- easy and greasy, or too cool for school. Kinsey is a solid player and a great human being.

Brian Eddie Masherella in on lead guitar. Masherella has his roots in the greats -- from Mike Blumfield to Ronnie Earl, Danny Gatton to Robben Ford -- you can hear them all when he plays. And his own voice comes through his music giving it a sound like no other. He has the feel in his hands and the tone to the bone.

The concert, from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m., Saturday, July 9, is free. Bring a lawn chair, a blanket, a picnic supper and sit back in the cool green grass.

For more information, call the Payson Parks and Recreation Department, (928) 474-5242, ext. 7.

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