Home Inspection Gives Buyers A Close Look Beyond The Surface


Your home may look perfect, but when it comes to perfection home buyers need to look beyond the surface. That is where Current Conditions Real Estate Inspection comes in.

Reese Dennis opened the business in Payson last August at the urging of some area real estate agents.


Clients get a full report, in writing, on site from Reese Dennis when Current Conditions Real Estate Inspection reviews the home they are interested in purchasing. If the clients aren't present during the inspection, the report is made available to them via the Internet.

"They said there was a need for quality home inspection businesses," Dennis said.

A professional home inspection is a visual observation and evaluation of the physical components and major systems of a building, based on the Arizona Standards of Professional Practice, Dennis explained.

"My inspection far exceeds these minimums," he said.

Dennis will report on the following to his clients:

  • site condition;
  • roof
  • attic
  • foundation and structure
  • plumbing systems
  • crawl spaces
  • built-in appliances
  • doors and windows
  • locksets
  • floor coverings
  • countertops and cabinetry
  • stairways, balconies

and railings

  • fire assemblies
  • electrical systems

and more

In addition to determining the condition of these systems, Dennis can offer suggestions about correcting the problems he finds and maintenance tips to aid in the future care of a client's home.

"I understand the value of my client's time and that of their Realtor," Dennis said.

"That's why I do an on-site report, with color photographs at the completion of an inspection."

He also makes the report available to the client on the Internet at his website, www.currentconditions.net.

Dennis also issues a service warranty, in writing, on every home inspection performed.

"Our warranty is understandable and written for our customer," he said.

Dennis said the goal of his work is to provide the highest quality professional building inspection service possible.

He brings more than 25 years experience in contracting to the business.

Dennis has worked as a licensed mechanical and electrical contractor and as a consultant in the propane and residential construction industries.

He said the biggest benefit of his work is it puts him in a different place every day.

He provides home inspection services not only in the Payson area, but throughout central Arizona.

The challenge is making sure everyone understands the results of the inspection and how to deal with the deficiencies he might find in a home.

"But you don't want to kill a deal," he said.

Dennis provides certified, insured work.

A job includes a full, bound narrative-style report; an inspection walk through; inspection warranty; and one free re-inspection to confirm any recommended repairs.

To find out more about Current Conditions Real Estate Inspection, call (928) 474-5033, (928) 238-0087, or visit the website, www.currentconditions.net.

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