It's Time To Say, ‘Enough Is Enough'


By William S. Rappaport, President, Diamond Star Water Coalition, Inc.

For weeks, the Payson Town Council has attacked the Diamond Star Water Coalition for not having accurate facts. They have failed to identify what facts the coalition has incorrect.

As president of the coalition, let me delineate what we believe the facts to be:

1. Buzz Walker publicly stated that the town would never take water from Star Valley because "it is too close to the old county land dump, there are too many septic tanks in the area, and it would not be the neighborly thing to do."

2. The dozen wells drilled at Calhoun Ranch for watering the golf courses at Chaparral Pines and The Rim Club have nearly dried up, and all the old-growth trees lining Mayfield Canyon are dying.

3. A developer has accepted water from the Star Valley area as credit for future developments within the town. This agreement puts no limitation on the amount of water that can be pumped from Star Valley, or on the number of wells that can be hooked up to the pipeline. No provisions have been made to address dried up Star Valley wells or to clean up contaminated water tainted by the old county dump or excessive pumping.

4. Buzz Walker publicly stated that the water from Star Valley was a, "new water source from a different aquifer," and that it was "deep water." The official well driller's report from the Horton Well next to the county dump indicates that the casing was perforated nearly all the way down, and will draw water from every level.

These are the facts as we know them. Now here are a few questions we would like the council to answer:

1. Why does Councilor Dick Reese continue to call us "misinformed, deceptive, and ignorant?"

2. While the rest of Payson is under water restrictions, the two exclusive golf courses continue to be watered. How much of the town's water is being used compared to effluent?

3. How much of the water the town wants to take from Star Valley will end up on these golf courses to replace the depleted water from Calhoun Ranch?

4. Mayor Brewer, please name the Star Valley business owners you contacted to support your claim that "none of the business owners support the coalition."

It's sad that we have lost faith in the elected officials of Payson. We shop in Payson, our children go to school here, and we help support the community. The present town council has created a division in the community like no other. We ask the residents of Payson to say "enough is enough!"

Thank you for your continued support in our struggle.

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