Abortion Linked To Social Security Woes



Social Security and the new court judge:

One of the great American values is we take our laws seriously. We debate, we question, we listen ... and then, after they are passed, we support them.

This hasn't happened with regard to Roe v. Wade. Perhaps the intent of this law was simply to uphold a person's right to choose. Perhaps no one considered that millions of babies would be killed. Perhaps no one thought about the monetary issues. Planned Parenthood, an abortion mill, making millions? Well, they certainly do.

Another important issue driven by Roe v. Wade is the future of Social Security. It started out as a put-away program, but World War II costs quickly forced President Franklin Roosevelt and Congress to adapt a pay-as-you-go system.

Currently, the demographics of our population will require the need for additional funding to keep it viable. The reason? More people are about to retire than there are workers.

There are many reasons why the younger population is less than the retiring generation; smaller families, the two-worker family, and an emphasis on monetary rather than family values.

However, there is one issue that is far more important than those. Our country has lost 45 million people to abortion. Those souls and their children, had they not been killed, would be working today and supporting the retiring generation. Social Security would be secure.

So, if Social Security is a major concern on your list, the new Supreme Court justice candidate that stands for ending the enormous birth reduction is your choice.

Bob Breen, Payson

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