Development Shouldn't Impede Area's Beauty, Tax Water Supply



Manzanita Hills Phase Six?

Friday of the Independence Day weekend at 3 p.m., a meeting initiated by private developers was held with about 13 property owners to discuss a proposed new development, Manzanita Hills Phase Six.he proposal is to rezone the0-acre lot at the south end of Fawn Drive to allow the owner of the lot to creatend sell 14, 1-acre home sites. Current zoning of the lot allows for development of approximately seven, 2-acre lots.

The developer expressed his assurance that he will be successful in obtaining the water for this development by taking it from Star Valley. He also seemed unconcerned that this area is a natural wildlife habitat, including elk, as he shrugged his shoulders and said "it isn'tederal land."

Severalconcerns have come to the minds of nearby residents: If Fawn Drive is no longer a cul-de-sac, at the south end, then a total of0 lots, the proposed new 14 lots and the existing lots on Fawn, south of Chatham, will only have one entrance and exit to the area.

This could pose a threat to residents in the event of fire or emergency. It would be prudent, if not a legal requirement,to create an entrance fromonghorn Road or another route, so that there are two entrances/exits to the proposed new development.

This would also alleviate Chatham Drive becoming a thoroughfare for heavy construction equipment, and lessen the stress on the only road into the proposed new development.

The development of 14 additional homesites, given the water restrictions we already have in Payson, pose another concern for area residents, who disagree with the ethics of taking water from Star Valley to further the financial interests involved in the new development.

We hope these financial interests will not take priority over the safety issues, wildlife concerns and rights of other property owners, including those in Star Valley who will suffer the loss of their own water supply.
We respectfully request that the zoning commission make any change in zoning of this area contingentpon an additional entrance/exit to the development, and an adequate water supply for all.Payson is a wonderful place to live, largely because of its small-town community spirit, the pride and mutual respect displayed by its residents, and their appreciation of the natural beauty that surrounds us here in the mountains.Let's not lose that in the name of progress and financial gain.

Penny and Ed Dorgan, Jon and Lorraine Bright, Linda May-Poskanzer, Al Poskanzer, Bill and Sylvia Brawner, Payson

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