Adoptions Up But Shelter Still Crowded


Rim country residents have responded to pleas by the Payson Humane Society to adopt dogs to reduce overcrowding, but the problem hasn't gone away.

"We're lucky; we've been adopting a couple a day," Cristy Maldonado, PHS animal supervisor said. "But I'm hoping people are still reading (the Roundup) and listening (to the radio), because we're still full.


Shelter workers are pulling for Bubba, a 10-month-old black lab with the longest tenure of any dog at the Payson Humane Society. "He's a big puppy when he's off the leash, but when he's on the leash he's a gentleman," according to Angie Roylston, PHS dog supervisor. You can see Bubba and other great dogs from 9-noon Saturday at Payson Feed & Pet Supply.

A recent influx of dogs has created overcrowding at the local shelter and around the state. While some shelters are euthanizing dogs on a regular basis, PHS hopes it won't be necessary here.

To alleviate the current situation, the shelter is offering half price adoptions on both dogs and cats through July 23. That means animals younger than 5 years of age are just $35, and animals older than 5 are $25, including shots and identification microchip.

All shelter animals are neutered or spayed.

Two dogs shelter employees are really rooting for are Bubba, a 10-month-old black lab, and Sierra, a 5-year-old lab-hound mix. Bubba has been at the shelter for more than three months, the longest stay of any dog currently there.

"He's a big puppy when he's off the leash, but when he's on the leash he's a gentleman," Angie Roylston, dog supervisor, said. "I personally walked him up to Green Valley Park this morning and I didn't have a lick of trouble, and I had cars passing and people walking other dogs."

Maldonado agrees.

"I cannot believe he's not been adopted," she said. "He's such a good dog -- a great hiking dog."

Sierra was raised by a man who had to go back to work and no longer had time for her.

"She doesn't know why she's here," Roylston said. "But she's such a good dog."

The Payson Humane Society, located at 812 S. McLane Road, is open from 9:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Saturday. For more information, call (928) 474-5590.

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