Something Seems Fishy



It is likely that the hapless Harold Fish faces another year or so in the tunnel of terror, primarily engineered for him by John McCauley. I assume McCauley and his supporters continue to be merciless, relentless and implacable in their desire to have Fish as totally annihilated as if he were stomped into bloody mush by a rampaging rogue bull elephant.

Ironically, McCauley and his lieutenants are in far greater peril than Fish. Why? Well, anything that a Flagstaff jury or, for that matter, any human institution can do to Fish is as nothing as compared to what can happen to one who has incurred the extreme displeasure of The Creator, and I am convinced that McCauley and his associates now find themselves in that extremely horrible situation. Will McCauley, or will Fish, fare better on Judgment Day?

I am certain that I know the answer, and I am convinced that McCauley does also.

I suggest that McCauley consider the following scenario: Fish is tried, found guilty, sentenced to prison, falls into an abyss of existential despair, and takes his own life.

Would that satisfy you, Mr. McCauley, and sate your blood lust for vengeance, or is your conscience so atrophied that you could live out your remaining days with equanimity, even knowing that you have dogged a pathetic and quite possibly innocent creature into an early and dreadful death?

It is suggested that McCauley and his supporters hope and pray that nothing untoward happens to Fish. Additionally, I think it would be advisable for his own sake for McCauley to seek out Fish, drop to his knees before him, clasp his arms around his legs, look up into his face, and beseech his forgiveness. Perhaps The Creator desires that both you and Fish achieve salvation, Mr. McCauley.

I recognize that I am only a conduit -- and a very corroded one -- for this message, or revelation, and I would have preferred that it had come through a member of the local clergy. Left to my own volition, I would not have roused myself out of my state of lethargy to speak in Fish's behalf although I felt that his only guilt was being very scared of Kuenzli, but one must obey the sole wholly irresistible force in all of creation.

Otis M. Trimble, Payson

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