Stem Cell Research Broadens Treatment Options



Re: Carol Suhr's July 8 editorial on stem cell research

I read your letter to the editor regarding stem cell research and although everyone has a right to their own opinion, I would just ask you to be open minded enough to consider doing some research as I have. Please go to research. This is the website for the Myelin Project and will link you directly to their research information page. The main page will explain how it was founded and why. It also explains their Embryonic stem cell research, what it does, and how it will improve the quality of life of those affected by life altering diseases and injuries.

Doctors are not attempting to, or trying to, kill babies. These are embryos that will never go to a full term pregnancy. Doctors are not "harvesting" women's bodies. To say you liken this to a Nazi regime, sounds like you haven't done your complete research.

If I sound passionate about my stand on this subject, maybe it's because on occasion I can't stand on my own. You see, I have multiple sclerosis and stem cell research is the only hope I and thousands of others like me have to ever get better, because there is no cure for this monster disease and so many others like it.

Denise Barker, Payson

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