Motorcycle Accident Kills One, Injures Another


One person died and another was injured Saturday, July 16 when their motorcycle collided with a guardrail near milepost 230.9 on Highway 87.

According to police, Charles E. Schulthies, 58, of Chandler, continued straight through a curve without turning and hit

the guardrail. On impact, Schulthies reportedly fell off the bike, sustaining major internal injuries. Both riders were wearing helmets.

"We think the driver might have been distracted by looking at the fire," Department of Public Safety Sgt. John Whetten said.

A fire, burning on Mount Ord, was visible as the riders drove southbound.

Rebecca D. Gaug, 46, also of Chandler, was riding with Schulthies at the time and managed to move forward on the bike after he fell off and apply the brake until it stopped. Police had no details on her injuries, but they were deemed non-life threatening. Gaug was air-lifted to Phoenix where she was treated and released.

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