Thief Took More Than 'Stuff'



This letter is to the person, or persons, who entered my van while parked in my driveway early in the morning of Wednesday, June 29 and stole my backpack.

I used this pack quite a bit since buying it about a year ago. You could probably tell by the items that were there.

The Leatherman was a gift from my son, which he bought with money he earned. He worked hard to earn the $60 or so to be able to buy that for me for Christmas. I also had a buck knife, which I've had for 20 or more years, given to me by my brother, who is now dead.

There were also a few other things I liked to keep with me while hiking or traveling. These things are replaceable, and you might think it's just stuff, but the fact is they belong to me, it's MY stuff.

Also taken from my van at the same time were a brand new pair of soccer cleats I was returning via the mail because they didn't fit my son. They are an $80 pair of Adidas, black with red, size 10. So, parents, if your child happens to have a new black Jansport Equinox backpack thrown over a shoulder or in the corner of their room, or happen to be sporting a new Leatherman on their belt or waving around a buck knife that they say they got from a friend, don't be fooled, because I'm no friend, and I want to have these things back. You know who you are, and you know where these things belong.

Kim Wholly, Payson

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