Buckle Up!



We cannot express enough praise and gratitude to Chris and Jerry Floyd for their valiant and generous donation of their daughter Kayla's organs in the midst of their grief.

Perhaps there can be another life-saving benefit from Kayla's tragedy.

There was the comment buried insignificantly in the description of the accident: "neither ... was wearing a seat belt." It is a matter of irrefutable statistics that seat belts save lives and limbs. Rollover accidents are not to be compared with head-on and side-impact collisions. It is not unusual for victims of rollovers, protected by seat belts, to emerge with only scratches and bruises, or less.

I debated whether to highlight this painful fact in view of the mental agony already being suffered by the Floyds. However, given their courage and goodness, I think they would agree that it's worth bringing out even if it saves the life of only one person who converts to using seat belts.

Boys and girls, parents too, please use your seat belts faithfully. If you feel like you can risk your own life, consider the pain you might inflict on your loved ones. If that is not enough reason, do it in memory of beloved Kayla.

Ron Sadlier, Payson

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