Family Is Heroic



I mourn for the parents who recently lost their beautiful daughter, Kayla. I rejoice in the news that she is still living in the bodies of children and people, who might not be alive today but for her. Because of the brave and courageous decision that Mr. and Mrs. Floyd made, more than a few mothers and fathers will be holding their children tonight. There are no words to describe the grief that is felt when your child is dying.

I know this because my son, Geoffrey, almost lost his life to a failed liver when he was 7 months old. My prayers were answered when another mother of an infant chose to continue the life of her child by donating her baby's organs.

I am filled with great love and gratitude when I proudly look at my 4-year-old son and know that he will live a good, normal, healthy life because some other mother selflessly made the most powerful decision one can ever make -- the gift of life.

The grief that Mr. and Mrs. Floyd, their family and friends, are feeling for the loss of their daughter is parallel to the grateful and loving feelings of the parents, family and friends of those whose lives Kayla has saved. I would like to express gratitude to Kayla's parents for their heroic choice.

The decision to become an organ donor may not be easy for some. I pray that with these stories, some may change their minds into becoming lifesavers.

Payson is such a special and caring town. I will never be able to express my gratitude to the people of this town for their love and support while my son, Geoffrey, was waiting for his liver transplant three years ago.

I thank all of you for your unselfish attitude for those in need. I would like to ask for only one more favor, that you may be as brave as Kayla's family and become an organ donor today. Many lives depend on it.

Rebecca Jones Hibbitts and my family, Phoenix

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