Let The Courts Do Their Job



Otis M. Trimble's Roundup letter of July 15, rambling on about the killing of an unarmed man and dog lover named Grant Kuenzli in 2004 by a gunman named Harold Fish is outrageous.

The truth of the matter is that Harold Fish hiked on the 10-mile Pine Trail that he was physically incapable of doing. He did complete it, but he admits that he was really exhausted. Unfortunately, he had a gun.

When Mr. Fish topped out of Pine Canyon, three friendly dogs, Mr. Kuenzli's own, and two from the Humane Society, playfully ran toward Mr. Fish and the gunman panicked. Without thinking, Mr. Fish pulled out his gun and fired, he said, "Into the ground."

Grant Kuenzli did what I, or any other dog lover would have done, rushed to Mr. Fish to disarm him. Attempting to save his dogs from injury cost Mr. Kuenzli his life. Mr. Fish shot him dead.

As a Christian, I find Mr. Trimble's consistent reference to "God" in defending Mr. Fish a sacrilege. God's judgment will come later.

We, as creatures of God, i.e., humane beings, deserve justice in our life and the taking of another human's life without just cause requires us to prosecute the killer and give that individual a just punishment.

It is quite obvious that Mr. Fish never should have been authorized to carry a concealed weapon. There are recent published reports that he has made what appears to be threatening remarks to some of his neighbors in Mesa mentioning the fact that he owned a gun.

Let the courts do their job, as John McCauley and I, and many, many others, push forward to that end.

Dave Engleman, Payson

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