Weather Channel Airs Dude Fire Retrospective



The Christopher/Kohl's Fire Department will be making a special community presentation at 10 a.m., Saturday, July 23 at the Latter-day Saints Christopher Creek Chapel on Apple Lane. Learn what you can do in the area of fire prevention and fire safety. Mackenzie Helmandollars from the University of Arizona Agricultural Department will speak.

Sam Seay, liaison for the fire department, will be reporting on first-quarter billing. Bring friends and neighbors to this informative event.

There are applications at the Christopher/Kohl's Fire Department for the Urban Interface Grant. Many residents still do not understand how this works. First a Firewise assessment must be performed on any private or public/common area property before a reimbursement request can be considered.

A request for an assessment by qualified hazardous fuels assessors can be made through the Christopher/Kohl's Fire Department.

Two bids on contract services should be obtained if possible.

The application, bid(s), and before-and-after pictures will be presented to the steering committee for grant consideration.

The reimbursement rate will be:

Bordering the forest, 48 percent of up to $1,000, maximum reimbursement $480. Not bordering the forest, 35 percent of up to $1,000, maximum reimbursement $350.

Use of the grant money will be one time only on each property -- this time around.

Before and after pictures are required, and should be shots of forest debris only. No garbage or construction material. If any is found you will no longer be eligible for this program.

If you choose to clean up your own property, please submit a labor and equipment record to the fire department. These hours will help satisfy $25,000 in donated hours required. This money will not be returned to you, but will count toward the fuel reduction grant.

There is a vacancy on the Christopher/Kohl's Fire Board. If you are interested please call Lorraine at the fire station to set up an interview. Interviews will begin around the first of September.

Sandy Kalmar called to tell me that the Weather Channel would be airing an episode called forecasting the inferno. It will include the Dude Fire. It will air Friday, July 22, at 4:30 p.m. and Saturday, July 23, at 10:30 a.m. Eastern time.

Some of the pictures they will be using belong to the Christopher/Kohl's Firebelles.

Watching that will be a sad memory of what happened in this area. Maybe people will be especially careful when outside and walking through our forest that is tinderbox dry.

Saturday, July 23, at 3 p.m. the Landmark Restaurant presents Strummin'. Al and Deloris Dale and the Band will be playing for your entertainment. Word is maybe Lee J will pick up his six string. Come back to the good ol' times and visit with some great friends who have been entertaining this area for many years.

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