Bike Accident Reminder For Caution On Road


Monday afternoon a vehicle and bicycle collided on East Highway 260 in front of Jiffy Lube.

The accident is a serious reminder that we all must use extra caution on the road these days -- motorists and cyclists alike.

The rains are raising oil and other substances from the pavement, creating slick road conditions from time to time. And now school is starting.

School begins July 28 and there will be quite a few more youngsters on the road, especially during the morning hours when work-day traffic is moving through town. The lunch hour is another youthful high traffic time, as is school release time, between 2:30 p.m. and 3:30 p.m.

In these early days of school, chances are many of the youngsters on the road -- either walking, biking or in vehicles -- will be preoccupied with renewed friendships, summer activities passed, and the things they plan to do during the school year.

Adults behind the wheel must be vigilant. We are all responsible for the care of this community's children, even if that only means being slightly more patient on the road.

The adults who hand children the keys to vehicles bear an extra burden. They must instill the notion in those youngsters that driving is a privilege and carries with it responsibilities that require mature thinking and behavior. Like adult drivers, these teens must be willing to exhibit tolerance for others on the road. Not everyone has the quick reflexes of the young. Not all drivers in Payson know their way around and through town.

Another traffic change that comes with the school year: buses on the road. Remember, when a bus has stopped on the road, both the traffic following it and coming toward it must also stop. Buses also move slower than other vehicles and require more room to turn a corner.

So, as a new school year starts in the Rim Country, we all need to recharge our skills in vigilance and patience and keep the roads safe for our children, our visitors and ourselves.

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