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Q: Why isn't there a runaway truck escape ramp on the Beeline from the Valley to Payson or vice versa?

A: ADOT has requested federal safety funds for a ramp at Slate Creek near mile post 228. The road leaving Sunflower, going up to the top of the hill, then going down that big canyon and back up again, is a challenge for trucks.

"Your local ADOT has tried numerous times to get them in," Randy Blake, transportation engineer and specialist for ADOT said. "There was a nasty accident a few years back ... One accident isn't a pattern that designers can evaluate and say, we can correct it if we do this." That's why it hasn't qualified for safety funds from the federal government, so far according to Blake.

Q: I'd like to use the Qwest drop box, located near the town hall, to pay my bill but I've heard people have had trouble with it in the past. Is there anything I should know before I use it?

A: According to Jeff Mirasola, a spokesman for Qwest, a Qwest employee empties the box each week and places all payments in an envelope and mails them to the Phoenix office. People tend to think placing their payment in the box puts it directly in the hands of Qwest, when it in fact adds an additional step in your bill payment process. "We make every effort we can to get that box emptied (on a weekly basis)," Mirasola said. But the responsibility of emptying the box rotates among employees, who are primarily responsible for fixing telephone lines, increasing the chances that the box could be forgotten. Mirasola acknowledges that this is a problem and said that if you experience a late fee from using the box you should call Qwest customer service to see about getting the fee waived. If you still have problems call Victor Daniels, Qwest's community affairs manager for Northern Arizona at (928) 600-5179.

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