Bible Camp Ends Another Strong Year



Last week, 40 eager children showed up at the Christopher Creek Bible Fellowship Chapel for the 11th year of Vacation Bible School. The children who attended were between the ages of 2 to 17. It's so exciting to watch these children grow every year. They come back and bring their younger brothers and sisters along with neighbors and friends. They are always eager to learn. This year's theme was "Jungle Adventure -- Discovering God's Love."

They learned about important Bible lessons; it was amazing to watch all of them, including the little ones memorize Bible verses.


The Christopher Creek Bible Fellowship Chapel holds its 11th annual Vacation Bible School in Christopher Creek. Forty campers gathered for the Bible lessons, crafts, songs and summertime fun.

Thanks to Pat Guevara and Teresa Purtee for helping them.

They sang some really great songs with the help of Holly Purtee who was in charge of the music. They had fun working on craft projects taught by Lois Jones. Ann Kilbourne was in charge of the little ones and Tracy Purtee had fun playing games with the older ones. Even Pastor Ed Hepworth helped out on one of the teams and was excited when they won.

The other part everyone likes is refreshments and Rita and Betty Mason were in charge of that. Every year Rita brings some really unique cookies. This year I think she topped it with her cookies that looked like hamburgers and her bacon and egg cookies. The kids got a real kick out of that.

The teenage helpers really deserve a big thanks because they leave a lasting impression on the little ones. Every year they work extremely hard to make it exciting for the children. The teenage leaders were Travis and Tyler Kilbourne, Molly and Katie Vang, Lanee Wells-Hester, Jessie Snively and Matt Snively.

The helpers were Zane McGee and Caleb Long -- they deserve a big thanks, especially with their work on the puppet show. It was not only entertaining, but taught the children wonderful lessons.

Special thanks to Susan Hepworth and Ella Slaughter for handling the registration, and to Bianca Malmin, Ray and Joy Ruetz, and Bob Quay for helping in every way they could.

Thanks to all the people who baked -- you keep the campers going.

It's time to put the decorations away and start planning for next year.

This Sunday there will be a potluck at the Christopher Creek Bible Fellowship Chapel after services, around 12:30 p.m. There will be a short concert by Arturo Antonio Guevara, who is a classical guitarist. Everyone is welcome to attend.

There is a vacancy on the Christopher/Kohl's Fire Board. If you are interested, please call Lorraine at the fire station to set up an interview. Interviews will begin the first of September.

August birthdays

Christopher Creek residents celebrating birthdays this month include: Diane Ruman (July 5); Trisha Latus (July 6); Donna Wynn (July 10); Karen Thorton (July 13); Sandy Kalmar (July 14); Holly Purtee (July 15); James Turco (July 17); Red Armistead (July 19); Hazel Gourdoux (July 21); Susan Hepworth (July 23); Michael Olsson (July 28); Jarve Sellars and Penny Wells (July 29); and Dave Ezzell (July 30). Wishing a happy birthday to all of you.

Gnat attack

Have you been inundated with thousands of gnats? Rita Quay ask me that question the other day because they were all over her house. I told her that I hadn't seen any. That same day I went home to find thousands of them next door. Where did they come from? It must be the moisture.

Ralph Christopherson said he couldn't even open his windows the other night because they were everywhere. They are so small he was worried they would get in his house.

I have been up here for 13 years now and I cannot remember it being this humid. Maybe I am getting old because I find it hard to breathe in this heat and I definitely don't like bugs.

Make sure if your kids are outside playing that they drink plenty of water. Because it is so hot and humid they can dehydrate easily.

Don't forget your pets, they also need extra care in this heat.

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