Flattery Is Nice, But ...



Thanks for the "Red Cross shows mettle" article of July 26.athy Tisdale, chief executive officer, of the Grand Canyon Chapter of the American Red Cross had made a brief visit as we were closing the shelter Friday afternoon. A few of her remarks, although correctly recorded, were unfortunately misleading.

The credit she gave to me as ‘taking the leadership' here overlooks the reality.Our Rim Country unit is currently headed by Roxey Bowers.oxey took over from Lynda Papaioanu, who provided the strong leadership that we carry on. While I do have a leadership role it is more to connect with all the local and state cooperating agencies.Roxey is the powerhouse behind getting it all done when the emergency is here and now and ensuring all our volunteers are trained, ready, and available when the need arises.

Fortunately Roxey and I have a close and mutually supportive relationship and don't get tangled up with titles.here are others who contribute to our shared leadership too and should be recognized. Carol Flowers and Wade Griffith contribute to our long-range readiness and planning. Robin Lyons works to assure our local capability for providing meals. Lynda Papaioanu is currently enjoying a well-deserved sabbatical for a while.

We now have 30 trained volunteers. At any one time, some six to eight are ready to spring into action to be replaced by others during an ongoing situation.

I'm sure it was not Cathy Tisdale's intent to snub anyone, but rather to give credit to the whole team that has brought our Rim Country unit up to speed quickly after the Rodeo-Chediski experience and is now a dependable and reliable resource to work with local agencies.

Lew Levenson, Payson

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