What's Up Question Crosses The Line



In response to the question that appeared in the Payson Roundup, July 22, page 4A, under "What's Up?" "Why does Barbara Brewer have handicapped plates on her car?"

I have lived in Payson long enough to have read many provocative questions, editorials, responses, etc., and I have to say that this question, without a doubt, is the most asinine and unnecessary missive to date. I was appalled to think that anyone would be asked to explain their medical history to the public.

If you will recall, the 32nd president of the United States was afflicted with polio. He had two men, with him at all times, one on each side, when he stood to address the public. He was, and is, considered by many historians to be one of the greatest presidents of all times.

I have to presume that this "unnamed scholar" would also demand that President Roosevelt hand over to the public his complete medical history.

Could it be that this prejudicial thinking is alive and well today that forced President Roosevelt to go to such lengths to hide a physical disability? It seems all too many believe that the word "Handicap" automatically means that the brain and thought processes are affected.

I have a question of my own ... Is this a personal vendetta, or is this an election year? Wouldn't it be nice if the person who asked that question would spend their time helping the people of Payson, such as the Humane Society, Payson's Community Kids, Veterans Helping Veterans, and countless other worthy organizations.

It would also be nice if everyone was required to identify themselves.

Ann G. Lloyd, Payson

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