Workers Backbone Of America



This letter is to thank you for publishing the articles of Max Foster and Jim Keyworth in your July 12 editorial entitled "Hard working Americans are true heroes."

You pinned down the issue well -- that the heroes of our America began this new nation well before 1775.

The people who came to America's shores to establish their freedom and liberty in a new nation were anything but pampered, they worked from dawn to dusk in forging a new nation, and they did it with their bare hands, fortitude and iron-willed determination to be free. Some were farmers, some businessmen and women, some were from economically poor backgrounds and some without two coins to rub together in their pockets.

The blue collar people of our country succeeded in building America with profound stubborn determination to succeed in any endeavor they chose to transform into the American dream. They were farmers, ranchers, miners, loggers and the industrial revolution came with the building of a great industrial giant, the steelworkers and the Rosie-the-riveters, who forged the mightiest nation on earth.

For all of them, the copper miners, timber industry loggers, the ranchers and the railroaders, struggled to provide an honest living at an honest wage to support their families and their country.

It is the working men and women of this country who built this country, and their middle name is Independence -- Independence! They have earned their right to an honest day's pay for an honest day's work -- in any and every field of endeavor.

Would-be "rulers" beware -- our other name since 1775 is Defiance.

Thank you for this great editorial. We are sharing copies of it with our family and our Congressmen and women.

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Colin, Payson

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