A Night At The Oscars


Anita Meggitt and Chris Bott were named best actors as Payson High School drama students celebrated the 2004-2005 season at the Seventh Annual Oscars Thursday, May 26. Graduating seniors include Mick Stern, Hillary Scott and Meggitt. Four-year students are A.J. Hlavacek and Myrena Still.

Next year's thespian officers are Bott, president; Shannon Horton, vice president; Seth Draper, secretary; Heather Buchanan, treasurer; Carina Peters, historian; and Jamie Rusovick, Captain Thespian.

The following are the rest of the Oscar award winners:

Technical Theatre Certificates - Excellence in Tech Theatre

Michael Kallman, Anita Meggitt and Eric Molitor

Technical Theatre Award - Special Tech Award for a dedicated multi-tasking technician

Seth Draper

Unsung Hero - Highest Honor for Technical Theatre

Rachel Timmer



A.J. Hlavacek took the Hoof-in-Mouth award for messing up the one-word line "Nose!" in "Cyrano de B."

Snafoo Award - Memorable Technical Blunder

Seth Draper

Peek A Boo, Where Were You - Memorable Late Entrance

Taylor Johnson

Hoof in Mouth - Botch of Lines

A. J. Hlavacek

Presto Chango - Costume Disaster

Heidi Haworth

Lifesaver - Saved a show, a scene or piece of business

Megan Miles and Danny Neff

Splat - Memorable Pratfall

Carina Peters

Prize Porker - Biggest Ham

Myrena Still

International Star - Foreign Actor

Josie Weigmann (German Exchange Student)

Spirit of Thespis Award - Excellent attitude, attempt, effort, and cooperation

Hillary Scott

Director's Award - Highest Honor For an Acting Tech or a Techie-Actor

Mick Stern



Best Actress in a Minor Role

Megan Miles

Best Actor in a Minor Role

Chris Ross

Best Actress in a Major Role

Jamie Rusovick

Best Actor in a Major Role

Calvin Legassie


Best Cameo Actress

Shannon Horton for Stephanie in "Cyrano De B"

Best Cameo Actor

Travis Walton for Sheriff in "Tales of the Lamp"

Best Supporting Actress

Hillary Scott for Baglady in "Squadroom"

Best Supporting Actor

Danny Neff for Janitor in "Squadroom"

Best Character Actress

Stormi deSilva for Lucille Hotchkiss in "Squadroom"

Best Character Actor

Mick Stern for Lt Mootfowl in "Squadroom"

Best Leading Actress

Anita Meggitt for Mizzra, the hip genie in "Tales of the Lamp"

Best Leading Actor

Chris Bott for Cyrano in "Cyrano De B"

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