Beeline Roundabout Confusing For Some Motorists


It's been jokingly referred to as the "runaround," but the way some drivers are negotiating the newly opened roundabout at Highway 87 and Tyler Parkway is no laughing matter.


Some motorists are having a problem with the concept that Highway 87 traffic no longer has the right-of-way at the new roundabout in north Payson. The guiding principle in negotiating a roundabout is for motorists to yield to traffic within the circle.

"We're having a problem with people on Highway 87 not obeying the traffic signs where they say ‘Yield,'" Public Works Engineer LaRon Garrett said. "They're blowing right through those ‘Yield' signs and that's going to cause an accident."

Susan Kidd, who drives from Pine to Payson and back every day has experienced the problem firsthand.

"There's a lot of people out there who do not know how to use it," Kidd said. "I can be in the middle of the roundabout and people just go ahead and pull out in front of me. There is no yielding. In fact, I'm yielding for them."

The concept, according to Garrett, is simple.

"All traffic coming into the roundabout must yield to traffic inside the roundabout," he said. "That includes Highway 87. Highway 87 is not a through road; it has to yield to the roundabout traffic also."

No accidents have occurred to date, and Payson Police Commander Don Engler said police have focused on remediation rather than citation.

"We've had people working the area, and we've tried to be lenient and warn people and try to educate them," Engler said.

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