Excuse Me While I Hack And Cough



I applaud those who took the time to voice their opinions in regards to smoking, public and private. We are blessed to be able to express our feelings in a forum such as the Roundup.

There appeared to be one consistent theme in the letters to the editor. They all had the attitude that can be seen in many smokers --ot all, but many: Very self-centered "me" attitudes. Not one of them addressed the secondhand smoke dangers.

It was clearly discussed in the editorial, but not in one letter.

Smoking is a choice to an extent; the choice is yours for the first few packs.

My mother, who Steve Colbert would have disliked, smoked and drank. She was able to get free of alcohol, but could never quit smoking. Near the end, after she had set fire to her condo, her choice was to move out, give up smoking, or give up her oxygen. She had to be on oxygen to survive and her choice was to give it up instead of cigarettes.

Don't tell me that cigarettes are not addicting.

Having moved here from the dreaded California, I have had the opportunity to see laws put into place to primarily protect the employees in public places from secondhand smoke.

The customer was second on the totem pole in respect to smoke-free environments. Someone must have figured out the danger over there. Many smokers are quite polite about going outside to smoke and most refrain from smoking in restaurants, but not all. Perhaps I am a bit negative on smokers having lost my parents to the ramifications of smoking.

Next time you go into Wal-Mart, look around and count the poor people who are mobile because they have a tank of oxygen with them. I seem to be seeing more and more people like that, I am sorry to say.

And with all of the negative publicity, why are our kids smoking?

Tim Bradley, Star Valley

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