Mobile Groomer Pampers Pooches


Spa Dog owner Judy Johannsson has groomed canines for celebrities like Danny DeVito and Candice Bergen.

Johannsson, a dog groomer since 1978, has operated her own mobile pet coifing service in Los Angeles, Calif., from 1991 until last year when she moved to Payson.


Spa Dog owner Judy Johannsson will soon offer mobile pet grooming to the Payson area. "I like that one-on-one quiet time working with an animal," she said. "It's an artistic thing."

And now, after the dust of her recent move has settled, Johannsson is opening her star-studded grooming business in Payson.

"Mobile grooming is a more high-end service," Johannsson said. "Your dog never has to be caged and is not sharing my attention with other dogs."

Johannsson said pet owners will appreciate her mobile grooming service for its attention to detail and the convenience of door-to-door service.

Pet owners do not have to cage their animals, load them into the car or make appointments after the initial call. The service is also beneficial for pets with special needs or older pets who may not be comfortable in a grooming shop, Johannsson said.

"I prefer a more one-on-one approach and my job is very detailed and thoughtful," she said. "The environment I have in the van is much more conducive to (detailed work)."

Johannsson said pet grooming gives her an outlet for her creative and artistic abilities. She said she can provide quality service by focusing on one animal at a time from start to finish.

"Mobile grooming really does produce the cleanest dog because (the animal) never touches the ground (between the house and the van)," she said. "It's the only way I know a dog is truly clean."

Johannsson will be available for appointments starting June 15. For more information or to set up an appointment contact Spa Dog at (928) 474-7080.

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