Search For 'Oddities' In Local Antique Shops


In a place like the Rim country -- with a rich and storied past -- you'd expect the antiquing to be outstanding, and you won't be disappointed.

In all, there are 24 antique and gift shops scattered strategically throughout Payson, Pine and Strawberry. From cowboy collectibles to vintage Victorian and everything in between, the Rim country is a treasure trove for bargain shoppers, especially if you're used to paying those big city prices.


Breezee's Antiques & Furniture, located at 900 N. Beeline Highway, is one of the Rim country's newest antique shops.

Mike Stuart, co-owner of Main Street Mercantile, one of the Rim country newer antique establishments, captures the variety you're likely to find when you go antiquing in the Rim country.

"We call it cool stuff, but I prefer to call it ‘oddities,'" Stuart said. "We have many items that would be of interest to men, which a lot of a stores do not, but we have a lot of items that are of interest to women. It's a place where you can find everything from a very old butter churn or antique radio to a hair from JFK and Mick Jagger's autograph."

Newcomers to summer in the Rim country will find similarly novel experiences in every shop, while veteran antiquers will be intrigued by a host of new places to discover -- including Cedar Lane Antiques, Breezee's Antiques and Furniture, and Country Roads Antiques and Gifts.


The Rim country's diverse antique shops offer everything from John Wayne memorabilia to vintage Victorian and everything in between.

And don't forget the old-time favorites, those antique stores you've been visiting for years and can't wait to get back to each summer. They include such standbys

as Big Bear Antiques, The Carpenter's Wife, Granny's Attic, and, of course, Pioneer Village Trading Post.

So pick one of those rare rainy summer days in the Rim country and hit the road. Or just make a visit to the Rim country's antique stores a regular part of your summer fun in the cool pines.


Abigail's Antiques Trinkets & Treasures

404 West Main Street

(928) 474-2886

Art & Antique Corral

1104 South Beeline Highway

(928) 472-4677

Big Bear Antiques

428 South Beeline Highway

(928) 474-5105

Breezee's Antiques & Furniture

900 North Beeline Highway

(928) 468-0777

The Carpenter's Wife Antiques

112 West Wade Lane

(928) 472-7343

Cedar Lane Antiques

111 East Cedar Lane

(928) 468-1351

The Comforts of Home

200 West Frontier Street

(928) 474-9801

Country Roads Antiques

501 West Main Street


Cracker Crate General Store

900 North Beeline Highway

(928) 472-3325

Granny's Attic Antiques

800 East Highway 260

(928) 474-3962

Main Street Mercantile

216 West Main Street

(928) 468-0526

Payson Antiques

1001 South Beeline Highway

(928) 474-8988

Pioneer Village Trading Post

1117 North Beeline Highway

(928) 474-3911

Somewhere in Time Antiques

503 West Main Street

(928) 474-1996

Wants & Wishes

705 West Main Street

(928) 468-8767


200 West Frontier Street

(928) 468-9200


Gingerbread House

3936 North Arizona Highway 87

(928) 476-3504

Moose Mountain Antiques

6264 Hardscrabble Road

(928) 476-3044

Pine Country Antiques

Highway 87 just before Texaco


Pine Creek Collection

4069 North Arizona Highway 87

(928) 476-5800

Pineberry Antiques

4078 North Arizona Highway 87

(928) 476-2219

Tymeless Antiques and Treasures

3716 North Prince Drive

(928) 476-4618

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